Which Hosting Company do I choose?

So you have spent the necessary time finding just the right domain and now you need to find a place to host your website. There are so many different choices out there and everyone says that they are the best. Well, I will tell you now that all hosting companies are not created equally. We felt that this is something that most people don’t understand and we would like to help you choose a hosting company that will work for you the first time and not have to transfer your site after it is created because the hosting company is too slow.

It Makes Sense…

If you read my article on Purchasing a Domain, then you already know that we recommend GoDaddy.com when you are looking at buying or transferring a domain name. Since Godaddy also supports hosting for many different technologies, it would stand to reason that we would recommend them for their Hosting Services as well. That is not the case. We have found that even though Godaddy does a great job with purchasing and managing domains, the hosting leaves a lot to be desired. We have found that the cheapest hosting that they offer, called shared hosting, is weighed down by so many hosted websites that each site runs very slow and is not very responsive. If you are purchasing a VPS (Virtual Private Server), it might not be such a bad option since you are supposed to be the only website hosted on that Virtual Server. Since smaller companies are looking to cut cost as much as possible, most people opt for the shared hosting and as long as you are with a good hosting company, this will work just fine.

Our Recommendation

Although everyone’s experience is different, we have been testing with hosting companies and have found one that seems to be very responsive in the shared hosting area. They have support available 24/7 and 365 days a year and are based in the United States. They also offers VPS options as you grow or if you need more power and speed. The hosting company I am referring to is InMotionHosting.com. Check out what they have to offer and see if this Hosting Provider is a good match for your company.