Does your small business need a reliable and affordable phone system with lots of features?  If so, Bizfon could be your solution. As a partner with Bizfon, Enterprise Technologies can help you evaluate your phone needs to see if this is a good fit for you, and if so, we can install it and provide ongoing support.

Bizfon 680

BIG BUSINESS in a small box:  The Bizfon 680 is the first Small Business Telephone System that does business in a big way with easy (plug & play) setup, built in Voice Mail, customizable Automated Attendant, five way meeting room conferencing, pager notification, follow me call forwarding (with supervision), automatic Fax Routing, plus many more voice communication features built right in.  The Bizfon 680 is equipped to handle 6 telephone lines, 8 telephone extensions and expands seamlessly up to 24 telephone lines, 32 physical extensions and 15 virtual extensions as you grow.  The Bizfon 680 even offers a Multi-tenant card that allows you to manage up to three businesses with one Bizfon 680 system.

Bizfon 8000

The Bizfon 8000 is the fully-featured IP PBX for small businesses. Connected by up to four FXO lines to the PSTN and over Ethernet to the Internet.  The Bizfon 8000 supports up to 36 fully featured Biztouch IP phones and up to 12 simultaneous calls.  The Bizfon 8000 has many of the same features as the 680 including a conference room.  Many advanced features are also included such as cell phone integration, call queuing,  and advanced call mixing (barge-in, listen-in and teaching mode).