Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat provides business, creative, and technical professionals a way to create documents and tailor the file in order to distribute reliable and polished Adobe PDF documents.


Bullzip makes a pretty decent free PDF printer. In order to get the free version, click the link, scroll down to the Community Edition and download it from here. You have to install all of the components to make it work but it will show up as a Bullzip PDF Printer when you are done.


Java is used not only on personal computers but is also used in almost every computer device that you use today. This software allows you to play games, chat and view images in 3D. It is important to keep this software up to date.


An anti-adware/spyware software that can help to rid your computer of harmful technologies.

AdwCleaner (by Malwarebytes)

This software is used to remove Adware but I found it very useful when removing a Proxy that was tied to all Web Browsers that could not be removed by any of the other programs. It is useful for Browser Toolbars and Hijacking of Browser home pages.

HitMan Pro

Are you certain that your current Security software program protects your PC against malware? Use the free version of Hitman Pro for a second opinion. Don’t take any risks.  If you like the product, it also has a pay version that you can run in along with the Antivirus software you are running on your computer.

HitmanPro Trial version
HitmanPro 3 Pack License
HitmanPro 25 Pack License


Malwarebytes has proven itself over and over again at being a leader in finding Malware, Spyware, Adware,Trojans and rootkits that can slow, or even damage your computer.  We use this product to scan computers when Antivirus software alone can not get the job done.

Norton Digital Downloads

Grab a Digital Copy of any of the Norton Products on the Market today. Choose from Norton Antivirus, 360 and even Norton Utilities. All you need is a product key and you can install any of these products.

Purchase Links:

AdLice Software – RogueKiller

This anti-malware software can be used to detect and remove threats like Rootkits, Rogues and Worms. We had to use this in order to remove the Trojan.Poweliks and Trojan.AdClicker. Nothing else worked but the removal was still tricky, even with RogueKiller.


A website run by Symantec, which holds a database of virus information. This includes the latest virus threats, security advisories, updates, virus definitions, and removal tools.

Spybot – Search and Destroy

Another anti-adware/spyware software that can catch some of the things that Ad-Aware cannot.


A stand-alone activity that is designed to detect and remove certain viruses. It can not be used as a full-system

Malwarebytes for Mac

Malwarebytes for Mac is a good utility to use if you are looking for Malware on your Mac. It has a very simple interface and is easy to use. Just open the app, click the Scan for Adware button, and remove anything that is detected

IIS Crypto Tool

A free tool making it easier to enable or disable protocols, ciphers (TLS/SSL) on Windows Servers 2008, 2012, 2016. Manage Crypto settings with just a couple of clicks. No need to dig through the registry.

Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant

Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant allows you to run tests on Office, Office 365, or Outlook problems. This Microsoft Assistant will search for problems and will suggest next steps and help you get in touch with Microsoft support.

Windows 10 – Show/Hide Updates

Tool to Show or Hide the updates in Windows 10 causing problems with the operating system on boot or showing multiple fails in Event Viewer of the Windows Update History.


CCleaner is a great utility that is used to clean out temporary and unused files on a Windows or Mac Computer. Please use caution when using this utility. It is intended to be used by those who understand the files and registry entries that are being removed.


Defraggler is designed to keep you hard drive running the best that it can by organizing your files in a contiguous manner. Watch as it detects all of the files that are fragmented and puts them in their place. Keeping your computer files in order can help speed up the access time to your files.

Disk2VHD – Microsoft SysInternals

Disk2VHD is a Microsoft SysInternals tool designed to create a complete image (VHD or VHDX) of any drive located on your local system. It uses can even create an image of your System drive with the use of VSS (Volume Shadow Copy). This does not create a bootable VHD that can be used in a Hyper-V setting but the disk can be mounted on your Windows OS through Disk Management Tools to access the information on the Virtual Drive.

Duplicate Cleaner

Look for any type of file, Documents, Pictures, Video and see if you have duplicate files on your computer. This Free program compares the files and gives you multiple file operation types to determine the files you wish to delete. This can free up a tremendous amount of space on your system.

Icon Shepherd

Do you get tired of your desktop icons moving around after you reboot your computer? The Icon Shepherd runs in your system tray and memorizes the location of your Desktop Icons. If your icons move around, just right click on the Icon Shepherd and put them back where they belong.

Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 SP2

The Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 allows you to capture anything on your screen and create a video file. The Capture tool has many options, even allowing you to use your webcam, size the capture screen and adjust the quality. The Encoder allows you to put the video together like a video editor. When installing, just click next past the Product Key. This is a free release and the SP2 version removes all limitations, like the 10-minute limitation on earlier free versions.


By default, Photoshop .PSD files will not show in Windows Explorer. SageThumbs fixes this problem with just a simple install.

Free File Sync

Compare files in multiple folders and sync files that are different. This is an easy graphical tool to use to verify data it correct and up to date in multiple locations.

Windows Directory Statistics

Use this tool to scan any drive on your computer to determine where all of your drive space is being used. This tool is very handy to find applications that are generating very large files and eating up space on your drive.

Belarc Advisor

The Belarc Advisor can build a detailed profile of the hardware and software on your computer in just a couple of minutes. This report can be used to see any updates that need to be applied. This scan can also retrieve Serial Numbers and Product codes for moving software to another computer with ease.

EaseUS Data Recovery Tool

The EaseUS free data recovery tool gives you an opportunity to get your files back even after they have been deleted. This is a 2nd to a last resort before you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars with a data recovery center. EaseUS Data Recovery help you get back data that was lost scenarios like deletion, formatting, RAW, etc. with a higher success rate than others.

Computer History Analysis (including Internet History)

If you need to see the history of everything on your computer as well as Operating System and Internet History, the Mandiant Redline software gives you everything you need in one package.


It is so easy to misplace a Product Key to your Windows Computer. Luckily, there is a simple tool you can run to get a number of these keys back. Even if you have lost your Microsoft Office or Windows Key, this Tool will show them and allow you to make a copy for safe keeping.

Advanced IP Scanner

A very fast and efficient network scanner to show you the IP addresses of all attached devices on your network. This scanner will also return the MAC address and show you any open ports.

Dynamic DNS Client Install

If you are running a router or modem that is not capable of updating to a Dynamic DNS service, this client software can be installed on a computer that is constantly running to update this service for you. It works with DYNDNS service only.

Ekahau WiFi Heat Mapper

Get a graphical layout of your WiFi signal strength with the Ekahau WiFi Heat Mapper. This program allows you to add a layout of the building and map the different areas to determine the signal strength, channels and encryption.

Glasswire – Network Monitor

Glasswire is a great utility designed to show you all of the Network and Internet connections as well as usage and times of connection. The free version will track a month of data while the paid version has a number of additional perks.

inSSIDer WiFi Signal Tester

If you are looking to get a better idea of dead spots and WiFi Channel issues, the inSSIDer office will help you. This small utility shows all of the wireless AP’s with signal levels, security encryption type and channels. This utility is invaluable in helping you with the architecture of your wireless layout.

NetBalancer – Local Network Monitoring

View your network traffic in a whole new light with NetBalancer. This utility provides you with detailed information of traffic to and from your computer and all programs accessing information on your network and the Internet alike.


Using PingPlotter can help you determine where the breakdown of data transfer is happening on your LAN or across the WAN. Visual graphs and continues tracking helps to determine if the problem lies in your network or at the endpoint.

LAN Speed Test

This is a great little tool to test the speed on your LAN. If you think that your upload or download speed is not what it should be when transferring data give this a try to see where your problem is.

Wake on LAN

Use this tool to Wake a sleeping computer on the LAN. Be sure to have this enabled on the computer. Tip: You will need to know the IP Address, Computer Name and MAC of the computer you wish to wake. If you do not have this information, it should be in logged in the DHCP server on your network. This tool can save a lot of time driving to a location to turn a computer on.


One of the best, free Network Protocol Analyzers out there, Wireshark helps you to understand every think going on with your network from the packet level. Data can be captured and displayed in real time and can also be saved to many different formats for sharing with other technicians.

Microsoft Exchange and Outlook Connectivity Tool

Use this online Microsoft tool to verify Exchange settings and SSL connections are working properly. This works great to verify that remote devices can use autodiscover to connect to the server to receive data through OWA.

Symantec Backup Exec Updates

Symantec Portal will ask you for your Product Serial Number to verify the product you are requesting updates for. After authorized, you will be directed to a page that will allow you to download any valid product updates they have available.

Email Address Verifier

Do you need to check an email address to see if it is valid? Maybe you have received a bounce back email saying that the recipient you are sending to is not a real account. This tool allows you to check the email address in seconds to make sure that the mail server has the address. If not, it will let you know and you can contact the user to let them know.

Browsing History Viewer

Useful for checking the browsing history even if the history is cleared through the browser. This tool works on Windows 7 and 8, and shows the browsing history from Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Note that you may have to run this utility after first logging on (and before opening the browsers) in order to see the full history.

Mac OSX Directory Statistics

This Application is great to determine where the space is being used on your Mac computer. Scan any drive and get a breakdown by directory of the space being used. This tool is very handy to find applications that are generating very large files and eating up the space on your drive.


Use this FREE network scanning utility from a Mac desktop or laptop to return all of the IPv4 network information from clients, printers, routers and other devices.

Adobe Photoshop

Always at the top of the list, Adobe Photoshop is the premier in graphic design and artwork for those in the business. There is really no substitute. The Creative Cloud Platform allows you to pay a monthly subscription fee instead of a chuck up front.

Adobe Photoshop Elements

While Adobe Photoshop Elements may not have all of the bells and whistles of the full version of Photoshop, many find that it has enough to justify the $100 or so price tag associated with it.


Gimp has been one of the best, free, open source image editors for years and continues to be updated. It has many different options for manipulating existing graphics or starting from scratch to create your own.

Krita Desktop

Surprisingly enough, even though you will think you have to be a true artist when you load this page, the Krita Desktop artist software is open source and free. It has many amazing features and you might be really surprised at how well it works. Krita is interesting because of the many options available, it can even create in CMYK which many printers require.

Batch Image Resizer

An amazing tool to resize multiple images at a single time. Just drop the images on the screen, set the new size and download the batch of images. It does a fantastic job.

Image Aspect Ratio Calculator

This Calculator is great to keep the same aspect ratio on an image when resizing.


This is one of the best resources for free images I have found. Pixabay offers a great service to anyone working on website or blog content. Take a look at all of the images they have available. – Free Clip Art

Clip-art is not used like it once was but there are times when it comes in handy. There are a lot of free pictures and tons of clipart on this site to choose from.

Free – SVG Editor

If you don’t have access to Photoshop, GIMP is a pretty good option. This however, is an online image editing software that is web-based and allows you to work with layers.

Free Pictograms (Stick Figures)

There are many uses for Pictograms. If you don’t find what you are looking for here, you might not find it.

TinyPNG – TinyJPG

If you need to scale down the file size of an image without losing the quality, TinyPNG does a good job of scaling the size.

CSS Portal

Information on the latest CSS techniques. Tools to build many CSS components with easy interface and integration in to web projects. Area to test CSS and HTML before adding them to a project

Button Generator

Looking for just the right button for your website? Look no further and stop fighting with getting your CSS to work across all of the browsers. This site does a great job of helping you design just the right button style.

CSS 3.0 Maker

Multiple Tools to dynamically create many different CSS effects like, Border Radius, Gradient, Transforms, Animation and much more. This tool also shows all of the browser versions that the effects can be viewed on. Works best in Firefox.

CSS Box Shadow Effects

Create many different Box Shadow effects including page curls, bottom drops and other useful tools.

Test CSS Code

We all need to test code from time to time and this website show you a visual representation as you enter your CSS.

Color Pick

Pick colors from any point on your screen to generate your own color palette for use on the web and programs like Photoshop.

Color Scheme Designer

If you are looking for just the right color palette, this website will help you get them matched up just right. After you have the colors you are looking for, just export them to Photoshop or Gimp and you are all set for your next design project.

Gradient Creator

This tool is great if you are looking to create just the perfect gradient that works across all of the latest web browsers.

Mobile Device Test

Test your Website on all mobile devices and tablets from this location.

Website Malware Scan

This website is used to scan a website for any malicious code and will report any problems and where to fix them.

Website Performance Test

This website is used to view the performance of any website or pages in a website to see how well it performs.

Robots.txt Tester

Test your robots.txt to verify that your site is able to be crawled by the various search engines.


JSFiddle allows you to test HTML, CSS and JavaScript in one location. You can enter any code and run it before implementation to see how it will work and if there are any errors.

W3School Code Test

Test HTML and CSS code while having the resources to pull information for your testing. W3 School is a great resource for HTML and CSS code and explanations.

Add a Widget anywhere in a page

Add Widgets anywhere on a page and easily place information where ever you want.

Shortcode to create a Navigation anywhere

Easily create a function to create a menu on any page by using a shortcode.

HTML and CSS Create Horizontal Responsive Navigation Bar

Code to easily create a responsive horizontal Navigation Bar.

Broken Link Checker

Monitors all pages for any links that might be broken. Checks internal links as well as links to other sites. This Plugin even checks links to video and image sites like

Google XML Sitemap Generator

Even though this plugin says the word “Google” it creates a Sitemap.xml that is readable by all of the major search engines. Tools allow you to change the priority of many different types of information if you would like.

Jetpack by

Jetpack from is a number of plugins in one allowing you to speed up your site with image tools, get stats directly in your admin panel and so much more. It is an essential tool for any WordPress installation.

Per Page Menus and Featured Posts IntelliWidget

Awesome tool to create your own Widget information, easily built for menus and any other page or post information you would like to put in a widget area. Shortcodes are also available allowing you to call this plugin from anywhere.

Post Tags and Categories for Pages

WordPress does not allow you to have tags and categories on pages by default. This little plugin gets around all of that and lets you have better organization throughout all areas of your site.

SEO Ultimate

One of the best SEO tools you can add to your WordPress site. This one has a few more tools that Yoast but is also lacking in some areas as well. This is a very good tool to use for SEO.

Sort by Modified

When you look at your posts and pages, you can sort by the date it was created but what if you go back and make changes. The Sort By Modified adds a column to your pages and posts to sort by the day and time you last modified making this a very important tool.

W3 Total Cache

All sites can benefit from Caching and W3 Total Cache is one of the best Plugins available. Be sure you check with your host before configuration to see if they have documentation to follow before you turn the caching on.

Wordfence Security

There are so many security risks out there now a days, you better have some defensive software running on your WordPress Site as well. Outdated Plugins and Malware can creep in and slow down your site. Wordfence does a great job of keeping your site protected from script injection and also lets you know the status of anything out of date.

WP Smush

Great Plugin used to manually reduce individual images sizes or apply to all of them. Reducing your image size can help improve performance and boost your SEO.

Words to Use in Starting Sentences

Good Resource for words to use when starting a sentence. This helps you mix up your writing style so it is not all the same on each page.

Carbonite Backup

If you have over 1TB of data to backup, Carbonite might be the best option for you because they allow unlimited data backup on their personal plans. They are only allowed to be installed on one computer per account.

iDrive Cloud Backup

iDrive is an affordable Cloud backup solution that offers Personal Backup for computers and devices as well as NAS devices for backing up network data. There are also Business options for allowing backup of Servers and multiple workstation data and full images as well.

EaseUS Backup

Protect your data with the simplified backup solution from EaseUS. This backup is great for home users but it is also a great option when you want to clone your computer to a larger hard drive or an SSD.


Business and Personal Remote access for single, multiple and corporate computers. This is a secure way of accessing your computers from a remote locations, transferring files and remote printing.

Microsoft Office 365 Home Account Login

This portal launches the secure login page to access the Microsoft Office 365 Home account Information. If you have purchased the Office 365 Personal or Home version, you have to use a basic account to store your Outlook information and OneDrive for your data. Since this is a little different than the full Office 365, you login to the Office Account portal to manage your subscription.

Microsoft Office 365 Login

This portal launches the secure login page to access the Microsoft Office 365 Online accounts. Login and manage 365 users and domains as well as access individual accounts.

Download Microsoft Office from Key

Enter your Dell Microsoft Office license number on this Microsoft Office site to Download a copy of Microsoft Office that was purchased with the computer. This is a great tool if you have to rebuild or overwrite the current OS with Office pre-installed.

Re-install Microsoft Office after Wiping Computer

Login as with the Microsoft Account that was used to store the Office Key. The Product key is located in the drop-down of each product. The key does not match the initial install key used so you will have to go off of the date of when it was installed.

SolarWinds MSP Login (Spam filter)

SolarWinds MSP is an enterprise, cloud Spam management software to keep junk out of your inbox. This allows access to login to the main Control Panel to manage email and domain accounts.

Norton Account – Cloud Management for Norton Software

Norton Login portal to access Norton Security products for Home and Small Business accounts. This allows you to see the computers that have each software license installed, Install software to computers and remove licenses. You can even add more licenses through this easy to manage portal.

Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud – Business

Symantec Portal to gain access to the Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud Business Services Management console. Add full Endpoint protection to any size business with the Symantec Endpoint Business Cloud.

Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud – Small Business

Symantec Portal to gain access to the Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud Services Management console. Give small business users without a server the same management power and potential that internal admins have had for years with the Symantec Cloud services portal.