It’s really no surprise that Android has seen such an increase in Malware attacks lately. Android has come along as one of the main operating systems for mobile devices, both phones and tablets, in a relatively short amount of time. One of the statistics I was reading from McAfee showed that the malware attacks on Android devices have increased by 37% in just the last quarter alone. That is definitly something that should grab our attention as we look at how to secure the devices that we rely on daily. McAfee’s 3rd quarter threat reports show that the Android devices are the worst OS for Malware attacks. The Windows Phone 7 and the iPhone have not been affected by any of these attacks. This also makes you wonder about the security that is built in to the Android devices. Have they done enough to secure the Operating System and what can be done to protect yourself?

Here is the McAfee Report if you are intereseted in reading more about it.