We all use web browsers on a daily basis and we each have a favorite.  I personally use multiple web browsers for different tasks.  I have recently downloaded and started using IE9.  I have to say, I am really impressed with some the new design and features.  They have scaled down the interface to work very similar to Google Chrome’s browser.  It is also faster and more responsive when veiwing websites.  I used to use Google Chrome for most of my browsing and switch to IE when a site required it.  A number of the sites that require certain levels of security would not work correctly in Google Chrome.  I also use a product called Windows Live Mesh that allows me to synchronize my favorites between multiple computers.  This is a wonderful feature and updates automatically with no additional user intervention after it has been setup (I will talk more about this in a future article).  On the down side, you must be running Windows Vista or 7 in order to run IE9.  If you are not running Windows 7, stay tuned, I will be writing articles on this as well.  IE9 is also designed with all of the latest web programming in mind.  You will see a lot of changes on the web with the release of HTML 5.   This new browser also supports hardware acceleration for text, graphics and video.  Take a closer look here and see what you think.